5 local seo tips for small businesses

5 Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

If you run your own business and an associated website, you have surely heard about the need for search engine optimization (Local SEO). Indeed, without a high ranking on the search engines, you will have almost no organic traffic to your site. It is therefore important to spend time making sure that your website is optimized for the search engines. Below are five tips to help your site rank better. Hopefully Atlanta SEO Company Leads Near Me ® a local SEO agency can shed some light for you.

Target Audience

Just as in traditional marketing, the first thing you must understand is your target audience. This allows you to stay focussed and use your limited resources optimally.

Determining your target audience helps with both technical and social aspects of site optimization. Technically, it aids in finding relevant keywords to target, and deciding how to best promote those keywords. Socially, an understanding of your target demographic helps set the tone for your site and marketing campaigns.

Local SEO Keywords

Every market has specific keywords that define how and where advertising media is presented. The difficulty lies in working out which keywords are most applicable for your particular business.

In its simplest form, keyword research is the process of figuring out what members of your target audience type into a search engine when they look for your product or service. For example, if you sell Halloween costumes for pets, your ideal customer is likely to type that very phrase into Google to find appropriate sites. Consequently, “Halloween costumes for pets” becomes one of your primary keyword phrases for marketing.

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Navigation and page structure

After so many years of being told that “building a website is easy”, it’s easy to forget that a website is like a store: if it’s badly organized, your customers won’t come back. It is therefore essential that your site has a proper page structure and internal linking system (between pages) which makes navigation easy for local SEO. However, it is also important to make sure that search engines can traverse the site without difficulty.

This is one area that small business owners frequently overlook. Make sure that your site’s navigation is clear and simple, so that both search engines and human visitors can find their way around. Add an “XML site map” that the engines can parse as well: there are free online tools that will generate this document for you. This is all very good for local SEO

Social media presence

Within SEO circles, it is generally accepted that Google and the other search engines are favoring social signals more and more as a means to rank websites. In simple terms, this means that the more mentions your site gets in social media, the better it will rank on the search engines.

It is therefore essential to make it easy for your visitors to “like”, “follow” and share your site on their social media profiles. It’s also important to share your content across appropriate sites yourself, as part of your company’s social media strategy (and with us being an Atlanta SEO Company, you know we will with this article). Make sure your social sharing buttons are displayed in conspicuous places to ensure maximum interaction from your visitors.

Content is important

Never forget that the foundation of all search engine ranking is relevant content, ideally posted on a regular basis. Posting frequently encourages search engines to visit your site to check for updates, but also gives your visitors more content to share on social media.

The easiest way to generate regular updates is to add a blog to your site. This allows you to share news about your products and services, gives your customers insight into your business and presents a public face to the world. If you have difficulty creating content, it’s worth considering content creation services from freelancers or dedicated companies. It’ll cost a bit of money, but they can generate quality content for your business on demand.

Search engine optimization is very important if you are serious about bringing traffic to your small business site. Make sure that you do it properly by using these tips, and you should see some genuine return on your investment.

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