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The Best Ways To Lower Your Cost Per Lead (CPL) On Google Ads

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Advertising costs play a significant role in your bottom line. You don’t want to throw money at an ineffectual method or overpay for attracting new clientele. On the flip side, you have to pay money to make money. With balance in mind, if your CPL starts to increase and your nerves (and wallet) can’t take anymore, here are a few tips to slow the roll.

Research Your CPL History

Review past CPL campaigns and set them up as successes and failures. Study each one to see why they did or didn’t work. Maybe increased competition was to blame for a downturn or experimenting with various landing pages didn’t generate conversions. Either way, dissect past efforts to figure out where you need to go in the future.

Review Your Ads

Similar to a historical review, examining your ads (run a performance report) can help direct effective marketing. Try something like this: pair high-performing elements to maximize CPL. As an example, if a low-performing landing page has an ad line that generates more clicks, take the useful text and place it with a top-tier landing page. Now you have two high-quality elements in one place.

Study Keywords

Precision is everything, especially in the digital realm. The more exact you can match your keywords to queries, the easier you’ll target an intended demographic. Take, for example, an ad targeting Ford owners who live in Dallas. A broad match will catch anyone living in Dallas. A phrase match might get Dallas residents who own cars. An exact match would grab someone who lives in Dallas and drives a Ford F-150. Once you know your audience drives big trucks in the Big D, you can write relevant copy that speaks directly to those consumers.

Aim for Quality

If your Quality Score improves, the CPL should stop climbing. Three metrics that influence this score are Ad relevance, Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Landing page relevance. And they all interact. With more targeted ads, you’ll get more clicks, which will improve user experience on the landing page.

Figure Out How People Find You

Understanding potential customers will solve almost all your marketing woes. To help you in this endeavor, go back and dissect queries. What are people typing into Google when they find and click your ad? This discovery can help you study keywords, create more specific ads, and drop your CPL. You can view the Search Terms Report for this information, which breaks out all the terms searchers have used to find your ads. This review might highlight how certain keywords lead to more conversions or that people find your business when they search for something unrelated.

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