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Since day 1 Ryan and the team at Leads Near Me have been great. They have helped our business dramatically and are always available to help and we feel very comfortable with every single person we have dealt with. We intend to work with them for a long time to come.
Response from the owner: Steve thank you so much for your kind words
This team has been amazing. Tim’s designs are incredible. Adam and Ryan looking after my Google Ads have been very effective. And Thomas has always been there to point me in the right direction. Thanks guys for everything you’re doing!
Response from the owner: James we are so grateful to you for this review.
Great company, they know their stuff and the results show it! Can't recommend this team enough
Response from the owner: AJ! Thank you so much for the nice things you said here!!!
LNM is the hardest working of all my vendors. They constantly make the impossible happen on even more impossible timelines and make me feel like I’m the most important customer they have. Can’t recommend them enough!
Response from the owner: Hey Alex, Thanks for the huge compliment! We're all about tackling those tough deadlines and making the "impossible" happen. It's great to know you've felt like a VIP because that's exactly how we see you. Your recommendation means a lot. Here's to pulling off more amazing feats together!
Absolutely the best team ever! I know the owner personally and he is phenomenal but his team is even better than himself. I can honestly say I've never worked with a better team that cares about what they do and provides excellent customer service and the team at Leads Near Me. Every single one of them have been phenomenal and I truly believe they have my best interest within the company at hand. I own a heating and air conditioning business and they have helped me grow over the past years to reach my goals of continued growth.Appreciate this team! Josh
Response from the owner: Josh, hearing your shout-out just warms our hearts, seriously! Knowing you think so highly of the whole team here means the world to us. We're all in on making sure we deliver not just great results, but also show how much we genuinely care about you and your heating and air conditioning business.It's been fantastic to be a part of your growth journey, helping you smash those goals year after year. Your trust in us to have your best interests at heart is something we don't take lightly. Here's to more growth, more goals met, and more awesome times working together.Big thanks from all of us here! Let's keep that growth going!
Leads near me has been a key strategy partner for our growth during all these 5 years in business. I started with them in 2019, now 5 years later we developed a solid and loyal customer base, our car counts are very high. We were able to build a bigger shop, and on the process of expansion again. Leads near me and Eurotech auto service and repair has developed a very special, and strategy relationship.
Response from the owner: Milko I am really grateful for you taking the time to leave this review. We have loved every minute of serving you and look forward to 5 more years and much more success together. Congrats on all you have accomplished!
Working with the team @Leads near me has been a vital part of growing our business from $500000 to over $1 million in revenue in a very short space of time. Their expertise has meant that I have been able to focus on other areas of my business, knowing that they are doing their part on the marketing side.If you are looking for a new partner to help with your marketing and increasing car count, I highly recommend you give Ryan and his team a call.
Response from the owner: Mark, so kind of you to take the time to leave this message. You know how valuable reviews are, so, again, thanks! And congrats on all your success! You are crushing it! And you are a runner as well, so that makes you super special lol (and a damn good one). Ryan
Ryan and his team are great to work with and they make the phone ring. Great people and great customer service. I wish everyone I worked with delivered on their services the same way!
Response from the owner: Bill thank you so much for the kind words! We love working together. Here is to much more success for you!
You can pray to Google that your phone rings or you can get wise and start marketing yourself through Leads Near Me! Leads don't just show up, you have to put effort into it, or...someone does anyway. I just send the money to Leads Near Me and they do the rest! The phones don't stop ringing and we are always running a 70/30 split with existing/new clients! GROWTH, BABY! Put your wallet where your wants are and let's go!!
Response from the owner: Justin thank you SO much for the super kind review. The Leads Near Me team is so grateful and we LOVE working with you. We are so happy that things are going amazing for your shop. You are a great operator!
I have been using Leads Near Me for my website development, management and google ad words for about 6 months now. Rolling into the busiest January we have ever had, and the phones don't stop ringing. We are going to close out January 2024 more than double January 2023! The website is completely custom, the ad targeting is completely custom and the campaigns are completely custom. Every shop is different and they understand that. They spend the time with you and work within your budget, and your wants/needs. It's been a great experience for me and our shop! Ryan is obviously a great person to work with, because his crew has been the same for years and they continue to expand and grow. Whenever I have needed something, they have been there within minutes, even emailing me back on weekends (not expected)! There is no lag time on getting them to do their jobs, that is for sure. Jason is always at the conferences like clockwork, Jared is always at our monthly check-in, Ryan hands out his personal phone number in case you need anything. They genuinely want to see you succeed and they love what they do for a living! Just join up and try it out, you wont be disappointed.
Response from the owner: You are so awesome you left 2 reviews for us hahaha. So cool. You know how important reviews are so you doubled up for us. That is a first. You are an original in more ways than one. We are so PROUD to serve you in marketing and will never forget these kind gestures. THANK YOU!!!!
Leads is the best! Ryan Burton has done a great job of developing a company that truly want to partner with businesses owners to help them succeed. My direct rep is Ryan Phipps and he has come through time and again with helpful tips and clear next steps. Thanks Team Leads Near Me!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the amazing review on Google. We appreciate your business!
Leads Near Me was a blessing to our business. Their wealth of knowledge, kindness and generous giving of their time to ensure we're successful was beyond my expectations. This is a team superheroes.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the kind words. Let us now how we can help you, anytime.
Very easy to deal with
Response from the owner: Thank you 🙂
Highly recommend! Leads Near Me has been assisting us with our website for over 3 years now and we couldn't be happier. Specifically Rachel, head of Development and Design, and Ken, one of the developers, have been especially helpful and patient in creating the design we envisioned. Keep up the good work guys!
Response from the owner: Rachel and Ken are awesome lol! Thank you for the review. We view it as a privilege to work with the GO TO accounting firm for the Auto Repair business. We would recommend Paar Melis to any Leads Near Me shops.
Ryan and the Leads Near Me team are good to work with! Their suggestions and recommendations have been right on point with what our business needed to grow!
Response from the owner: Heather thank you for taking the time to do this. We are so grateful for you as a client. Congrats on all your success!
Ryan and his entire team can be summed up in one word - FANTASTIC. They manage our website and help us navigate Google Adwords and ALL of them are genuinely kind people. I cannot recommend Leads Near Me enough. Thank you, team for taking care of me!
Response from the owner: Kendall you are the bomb. Thank you so much!
They have helped us grow our business tremendously!Most shop owners are not marketing and website nerds, let the pros do it! You will be happy that you did!Would most defiantly Recommend!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Dave! That is so great to hear. We love having you as a client. We appreciate you 🙂
We have been working with Leads near me for about 5 years and they have helped us grow our business throughout the years. Our website design is smooth, fast and easy to navigate. Our SEO has high ranking and their expertise in Google ads management makes our phones ring all day! Highly recommend Leads near me if you are serious about growing your business. Thank you Ryan and team for all you do!
Response from the owner: We love having you as a client, Juan! So great to hear from you and thank you so much for the kind words. We appreciate you 🙂
Been Dealing with A lot of Website People over the years that can not Compare to The Team at Leads near me, They handle your Add words, SEO and Website all in one place In house. You can count on them to Set you up for Success or Improve on already found success. Thank you Ryan and Rachel and Everyone else at LNM.
Response from the owner: Veille, thank you so much for the review. We love working with you as well 🙂
Leads Near Me provides superior quality websites and SEO management. We have been extremely pleased with the results of their efforts and our subsequent success.
Response from the owner: Mr Choisser, thanks for saying these great things on Google for us. You have such cool stuff going on and we are so proud to be a part of it. To great success together!
The team at Leads Near Me has always been extremely helpful with not only making sure that my website and Google advertising is top-notch, but also with taking the time to dig deep into the results with me to make sure I'm getting the best ROI possible on the advertising they do.
Response from the owner: Mike, such kind words. Thank you. We love working with you and your amazing team at Collins Auto Care in beautiful Houston TX!
The Leads Near Me Team is fantastic. I have been working with them for a few years now and always receive 5-star customer service.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Janet for the kind words 🙂
This company has propelled me to a level that I never thought possible. I have my competition scratching their heads. My auto shop is slammed packed and they are slow.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Jeff. We really appreciate these kind words.
I cannot recommend Ryan enough!!! I wish I had met him when I first started my business. Not only has he saved me money, he has made me money with his services. He's taking time to talk to me, get to know me, get to know my business's situation, and recommend appropriate services (he doesn't try to sell you on everything, only what he thinks you need). Again, highly recommend. 🙂
Response from the owner: Thanks for doing this bud. We really appreciate it. It is so great watching you grow your company Premier Auto Repair.
Ryan and Leads Near Me are as good as it gets! The best I have ever used. Five stars all the way. A rare find in their field!
Response from the owner: Thanks Tyger. From "Ryan The Lion"
Ryan is awesome! My website looks so great that I had a tech stop by looking for a job. He said the website looked so good that he wanted to be a part of our team! Ryan also worked some magic and had google update our street view. Don't waste your time trying to do your own website. Concentrate on your business and let Ryan do what he does. Thank you again Ryan I appreciate you!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Karl!
They are a terrific company, to do business with, they have updated our website and email accounts. Ryan Burton, stays on top of any and all issues, while always being very accessible at all times. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Other than Thank You for all your help and guidance. John McCarty
Response from the owner: Thank you John! We appreciate the kind words!
Ryan and his team have always gone above and beyond for our business. I highly recommend there services. With their help we have grown month after month. Thank you for what you have done for us!!
Response from the owner: Jeff we love working with Service Masters Total Car Care. We are also extremely grateful for the referrals you pass our way. Thank you! Here’s to continual growth for you.
I have worked with Ryan for quite a few years now. His knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and persistence are unparalleled in this day and age. Kathy is also very attentive to detail, and responds to my calls/emails very quickly. They are both a joy to work with, and produce results!
Response from the owner: Thank you Scott! It is a pleasure working with you as well!
Ryan definitly knows what he is doing. I have worked with a couple marketing companys. He is super hands on.
Response from the owner: Thanks guys! We love working with Prestige. Thanks for taking a minute to write a review for Leads!
So after the first meeting with Ryan I knew I would be using Leads Near Me for my website. He knows his stuff and was always there to answer any questions. As well Kathy did a great job getting the website together. Thank you both and look forward to working with you in the future!
Response from the owner: Gary thank you do much for taking a minute to write us a review. We are so grateful for your business!
I’ve been working with Leads Near Me for several months now and couldn’t be more pleased! They’ve been super attentive to detail from the beginning and have helped provide me with the ability to help grow my real estate business! Very grateful for the assistance in the areas that I really needed it!
Response from the owner: Thank you Rachel! You are a pleasure:)
These folks are great. They do what they say they will do and to me, that's the most important thing. I would recommend them to anyone.
Response from the owner: Thank you Andy! We enjoy working with you guys 🙂
Great company to work with. They really know what they are doing and spend time to listen to you. Not like the big name companies that just want your money with big promises you never see. Plus they are a real google partner.
Response from the owner: Thanks Dr. Mike!
I have been using "Leads Near Me" for over a year now and I am very satisfied with the results I am getting. Ryan has been very patient and thorough in explaining what his strategies are as my business continues to grow. Ryan is always accessible when I have a question or concern. My phone has been ringing so much lately, that I have been trying out an answering service to help out when needed. Ryan and his associates know what they are doing and I highly recommend their services.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! We are so happy to see your success!
Leads near me has been truly instrumental in the growth of my company. Ryan Burton has been great to work with and has always gone above the scope of his services when working to better United Auto Care. Thanks guys for all you do!
Response from the owner: Ryan, thank you for the very kind review. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with United Auto Care. Here is to much more success for you in the future.
This is one of the nicest and most honest companies you will ever know. Ryan met with us numerous times before trying to sell us anything. He took the time to learn more about our business and marketing needs, then explained what needed to be changed and why. And he was right! Not only did he cut the cost of our online marketing in half, he doubled our call volume. I would highly recommend Ryan and his team, they are the BEST!!
Response from the owner: Tiffany, thank you so much for taking the time to write this. We love working with you and Bryan. I am glad things are going so well.
It is refreshing to know there are still honest people in business. Ryan spent time with me and never once tried to sell me anything. If you are wanting a true and honest professional for your marketing needs then Ryan is your guy. Thanks for everything.
Response from the owner: Joseph, thank you so much for taking time to write this review for us. You are such a nice guy, thanks for the things you said here. It was such a pleasure to learn about Mr. Math. We wish you success, let us know how we can be of service.
Big thanks to Ryan! Came out and got us all squared away in no time! Very personable and explained everything so I could understand it! Awesome guy and awesome company!!
Response from the owner: Thank you all so much!
Our company has worked with Ryan for several years. He is a pleasure to work with. We always receive a quick response when we have a question or need help. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share. Since partnering with him, we have definately noticed an increase in our phone calls.
Response from the owner: Thanks Teresa! We love working with you and Mike! We appreciate you taking a minute to leave a review 🙂
I not sure if my problem with Google was unique or not, but still a problem none the less. My website was removed from from the map section about a year ago and all i could find out from Google is that there were problems with the webpage and i could not get any answers or solutions. I talked to a few SEO company's that claimed it would be alot of work and be very costly to fix this problem i was experiencing. So i once more started looking for a solution, as my next step would to change the name of my company and start all over again. I decided to make one more call to another SEO in hopes of maybe solving this issue and called Leads near me in Georgia. Ryan answered the phone and was not only polite but very professional and knowledgeable. After speaking with me about my problem for an hour or so he suggested I try calling Google and explain the problem. This didnt work out so he personally took care of it and with his knowledge and skill in dealing with Google and did what everyone said couldnt happen, within a few minutes he made this one year problem go away in a few minutes. If you are looking for a professional in the SEO business i highly recommend Leads near me. I will be doing business with Ryan for years to come as he is the only one who took the time to solve my problem, a real pro. Chris Epton, Advanced Security Locksmiths.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the kind review Chris! Let us know if you have any more issues with your listing, so we can help you out again 🙂 Have a great day!
Very professional, quick to respond and always great with new ideas & creativity! Highly recommended!!
Response from the owner: Julie thank you for the kind review. We appreciate your business.
I have had the pleasure of working with leads near me for sometime now. My business has grown since working with leads near me. My website is awesome & Ryan & Kathy has always gone above & beyond to help us!
Response from the owner: Hey Antoine! Thanks for much for taking the time to do a review for us. Talk soon!
Ryan is awesome!!!
Response from the owner: Hahaha. Thanks Elina! We love working with Contractor's Best Pest Solution.
Leads Near Me are the best! Ryan, the President/CEO, met with me and asked a lot of questions in order to evaluate the best marketing plan for our business. He provided a lot of useful information and have helped us get more calls! I highly recommend this Company to anyone who wants to grow their business!
Response from the owner: Debbie, thank you so much for taking a minute to write a review for Leads Near Me 🙂 we love dealing with your company Electrical Pros. You're the best!
Great service and follow up, Ryan and his team put in the time it takes to grow your business. Nice to deal with someone who truly cares about his customer's business.
Response from the owner: Thanks Matt. We love working with Metro Mattress. Thanks for the kind words.

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