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First Near Me Radio Podcast Features “Nice Shop Owners Finish First”

First Near Me Radio Podcast Features “Nice Shop Owners Finish First” 
ATLANTA, GA, March 1, 2023—Near Me Radio host Ryan Burton talks with Service Masters Auto Repair owner Jeff Bragdon and APAC ATI founder Chris Knuth about topics designed to inspire, enlighten, and educate auto repair shop owners. Near Me Radio is sponsored by Leads Near Me, a digital marketing company for auto repair shops founded by Burton, an experienced broadcaster and founder of Leads Near Me.  

Near Me Radio is the culmination of thousands of conversations Burton’s had with shop owners over the years. In each podcast, Burton will talk with thought leaders in the auto repair industry about what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive auto market—and it’s not just about running a repair shop. Each podcast also focuses on the holistic aspects of shop owners: personal growth, leadership, health, exercise, marketing, and software, and much more.
Nice shop owners finish first, which is more than the title of this first podcast, more than a mantra, it’s a philosophy. Jeff Bragdon emphasizes that success lies not only in the nuts and bolts of running auto repair shops, but in developing good, solid relationships with employees. 

“I have been blessed to find amazing people to run those stores and to manage them and to do all the tasks that it takes throughout the day, Bragdon says. “Without the people (employees) and good people treating them fairly, paying them the correct amount, treating them well, and caring about their success, I wouldn’t be where I’m at, I can tell you that right now.”
Bragdon adds, “I’ve worked for some very harsh people over the years–I’ve never wanted to be that way. I’m probably at the other side of that to a fault almost. I have long-term employees, so I’m not having to train people all the time. We don’t have a revolving door. There’s consistency. My customers can come in see the same staff member all the time. That’s huge. I think that is a good reflection of the business…If you have other people’s interests ahead of your own, that comes back to you naturally.” 

APAC ATI founder Chris Knuth agrees that relationship building makes all the difference. His non-profit organization provides veterans, the recovering community, formerly incarcerated persons, underserved and at-risk communities a second chance with the opportunity to have a shot at their dream career as a skilled automotive technician.
“We need individuals to help us. I don’t know of anyone who has been successful on their own,” Knuth explains. He adds that helping others helps communities and that’s profitable for everyone. 

APAC ATI works in an existing repair shop, which Knuth says creates an immersion style of learning that not only combines classroom learning with experiential learning, but works toward the main goal of making not only good technicians, but making great teammates and employees.”
Near Me Radio podcasts are available through Apple, Spotify, Amazon and more. To listen to this episode featuring Jeff Bragdon and Chris Knuth, click Nice Shop Owners Finish First ( 

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About Leads Near Me: 
Leads Near Me, a 2023 Google Premier Partner (, is a digital marketing agency for Auto Repair Shops. They have become known for their ability to Effortlessly Increase Car Count (TM). Leads Near Me combines many years of experience, proprietary Google Ads software and a thirst for getting better every day to help auto repair companies grow their shops. With hundreds of shops in 43 states and Canada, Leads Near Me is uniquely qualified to help shop owners dramatically grow their revenue. Leads Near Me manages $10M+ annually in Google ad revenue for auto repair shops and has become one of the fastest growing marketing companies for auto repair. 

About Near Me Radio: 
Thousands of conversations with great shop owners provide unique insight. Join Ryan Burton, experienced broadcaster & founder of Leads Near Me for Near Me Radio. In each episode, Ryan will talk about what it takes to be successful with thought leaders that have inspired him along the way. Near Me Radio will share ideas and formulas on how to get your unfair share in today’s competitive Automotive market. Auto Repair Shop owners are not only shop owners, so the show will also talk about personal growth, leadership, health, marketing, exercise, software, and much more. Near Me Radio is sponsored by Leads Near Me and hosted by Ryan Burton. 

About APAC ATI ( 
APAC ATI is a non-profit organization providing innovative automotive technical training combined with personal growth and transformation skills to meet the demands of life. By empowering our students with knowledge, tools, and resources, they become the people they need to be to realize their dreams and to advance their automotive industry career. The organization looks for the people who are ready to make a positive change in their lives and who are willing to do the work to get it. APAC ATI provides both the technical and the soft skills needed for trainees to be stand-out employees and team members. 

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