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How Do I Get My Business At The Top Of A Google Voice Search?

In today’s world, people can find what they want online, when they want it. With advanced searches evolving and refining how customers shop online, voice search adds a new layer to the mix. In fact, it’s estimated that consumers conduct over one billion voice searches each month. So, to ensure your business shows up when someone calls for it, follow these tips:

Maximize Online Reviews

Businesses that rank high on voice searches generally have at least a four-star rating. It doesn’t take much to see that the more positive reviews your company receives, the more likely it will appear in voice searches. To keep those stars rolling in, consider these three techniques:

  • Ask Customers – It never hurts to be aggressive.
  • Make it Easy – If the review process is lengthy or clumsy, people won’t take the time. Keep the questions short and straightforward for best results.
  • Automate the Process – There are several online templates for managing and interacting with reviewing customers.

Focus Your Listings

For potential customers to find you, you have to show up on relevant directories. Don’t neglect your online presence, and a listing management service company can help you navigate this massive, confusing arena if you can’t take time out from your business for digital marketing. In addition, not only will local business listings help your company grow, larger search engines use the information posted on smaller directories, so your SEO will improve, as well.

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

It’s no secret that most people utilize the convenience of a voice search when on their mobile device. As such, Google recently announced their search-related algorithms will use websites’ mobile versions as a top ranking element.

To have a mobile-first site, you’ll need to keep content sized for smaller screens and streamline images and text so speed isn’t hindered when scrolling. Also, keep the content matched for any versions of your website (one that works on any screen and one for laptops or desktops).

Vary the Phrasing for Keyword Searches

Customers use different language in speaking vs. writing. For example, if you want to know the best roofing companies in your area, you might type, “best roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia.” For a voice search, however, you’d be more likely to say something like, “Google, who are the best roofers in Atlanta?”

To take advantage of this variant phrasing, make sure to have a strong keyword strategy. If you own a spa, for example, consider target search queries like, “Should I get laser hair removal?” or “Does waxing hurt?”

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