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How Google Ads Delivers New Customers

The New and Improved Google Ads

Although presenting an ad on Google has been possible for 18 years, much has changed since its inception. Previously called Google AdWords, Google Ads has introduced a new default experience known as Smart campaigns. This modern system lets you create ads in minutes, tailoring each to the innovation and style specific to your business.

The Importance of Customization

Since Google understands small business owners want their online advertising to generate customer calls, visits and purchases, they’ve ensured Smart campaigns checks in regularly. These check-ups streamline communication, making it easier for Google to fine-tune your ads for optimal results.

Image is Everything

Human brains are wired for speedy information delivery, and nothing hits with as much force as a powerful image. With an updated Image Picker, Google Ads simplifies picture creation. Simply choose your top three picks (from Google suggestions or a personal stash) and there you go. Google Ads will even help by testing text-image combinations to find the perfect duo.

What About Timing?

You know how advertisements for sugary breakfast cereal only come on at 8 o’clock on Saturday mornings? Right–advertising only works when it hits the intended demographic (small children and their groggy parents, perhaps). Google Ads understands the deliberate audience, showcasing your ads to those who want and need your offerings. In fact, Smart campaigns are three times more likely to place your ad in front of the appropriate set of eyes.

More Useful Than SEO

Although you should never ignore SEO, placing an ad on Google has been shown to work faster, mostly because images appearing at the top of the page get immediate attention (a meaningful picture beats well-placed words any day). In addition, Google Ads lets you focus on multiple keywords at one time and turn the ad on or off whenever you choose. In short, while SEO drives long-term business, Google Ads brings instant traffic.

Improve Brand Awareness

In a recent study, Google partnered with Ipsos to test the relationship between advertisements and brand awareness. It turns out, search ads increase short term (or top-of-mind) awareness by almost 7 percent. Connect this idea to SEO concepts, and you’ll realize how one helps the other. More specifically, SEO rank depends largely on brand-name searches and variations. If more people think about and search for your brand, your SEO rank skyrockets.

If you seek to improve your online presence and get new customers, using Google Ads can only aid this venture. With advanced technology and refined approaches, this tech mogul knows how to yield results.

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