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If you own a website you need to know who is visiting, where the visitors are coming from, and what they are doing when they visit your website. The only way to know what is going on is to track the activity thru an analytics report. Google provides a great analytics tool. It is very easy to use and really tells so much.

The first thing you want to do is visit the Google Analytics Website to sign up and get yourself an account. If you already have gmail you can sign in with it.

Once signed in Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to add a website. Simply follow the steps and add your url.

Once the url is added you simply copy the code from the page and paste it into the head section of your website. This is the portion in the code within the “head” tag. You position the analytics code right before the /head code. If your site is a blog like mine you can put it on one page and it tracks all pages. If your site has been designed thru dreamweaver (or a software like it) you will need to put the code in every page you design (or at least in the main template header).

Once analytics are added to your website you can track results on Google and beyond. It really is very cool. You can see which pages of your site are working, and which are not. You can see what kind of traffic you are getting everyday. It is broken out in every way you can imagine.

Visits, page visits, average time on site, % of new visits, & bounce rate are just a few of the metrics that you can track on Google Analytics.

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