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Leads Near Me Marketing for Auto Repair Launches “Leads Near Me TV” Show for Automotive Professionals on April 3rd

Atlanta, GA – Leads Near Me Marketing for Auto Repair is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its new TV-style program, “Leads Near Me TV,” on April 3rd. Hosted by Ryan Burton, the founder and CEO of Leads Near Me, the show is designed to help automotive professionals grow their businesses by featuring shop owners who can share their stories and offer valuable insights.

Each episode of “Leads Near Me TV” will be 5 minutes in length and will be filmed and released each month. The first episode of the show will feature Jim Brown, the owner of Speed Auto Repair, Pure Auto Repair, and North Roswell Automotive Repair. Jim will share his business philosophy and offer tips for success. “We treat our customers like family,” says Jim. “We believe in fixing it right the first time, and we always make sure our customers have a loaner car while we’re working on their vehicle. It’s these little things that make a big difference, and they’ve helped us build a loyal customer base.”

“We’re excited to launch ‘Leads Near Me TV’ on April 3rd and to offer this valuable resource to automotive professionals,” says Burton “We believe that by sharing the stories and insights of successful shop owners like Jim Brown, we can help other shop owners to grow their businesses and improve the industry as a whole.”

“Leads Near Me TV” will be available to watch on YouTube and Facebook. To learn more about Leads Near Me Marketing for Auto Repair and its services, visit the company’s website at

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Leads Near Me, a 2023 Google Premier Partner, is a digital marketing agency for Auto Repair Shops. We have become known for our ability to Effortlessly Increase Car Count™. Leads Near Me combines many years of experience, proprietary Google Ads software and a thirst for getting better every day to help auto repair companies grow their shops. With hundreds of shops in 43 states and Canada, Leads Near Me is uniquely qualified to help shop owners dramatically grow revenue. Leads Near Me manages $10M+ annually in Google ad revenue for auto repair shops and has become one of the fastest growing marketing companies for auto repair.

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