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LEADS NEAR ME ® will provide a free 5 page website to any new client that signs up for a minimum of $1000 per month of SEO for a minimum of 4 months.


Web Design Online Technology Working Office Concept

  • The website must be for your business.
  • We will provide 5 custom written pages, excluding the home page, which can be considered a 6th page.
  • LEADS NEAR ME ® will provide stock photos for the website from our collection of use client pictures.
  • The website must be completed within 30 days of signing up for the program or it could be forfeited.
  • We will use a WordPress template and will give you options of “looks” or “themes” to choose from.
  • There will be limitations to what can be done.
  • We will not design an ecommerce website although you can improve upon your website in the future.
  • The website does not include a URL.
  • The website can include free hosting for a year it will cost $199 in subsequent years.