The SEO Paradigm Shift

The quality of your website content is more important than the keywords that will attract search engines. And no longer is it necessary, nor even smart, to keep your content short. The search engine optimization paradigm is once again shifting to reflect the major search engines’ constant revisions that ultimately control the flow of online information. In this article from SEO Company Atlanta Leads Near Me ® we will look at “The SEO Paradigm Shift”.

A Moving Target

Not long ago, search engine optimization, best known as SEO, consisted of placing enough keywords on a web page to answer the searches that web users were looking for. The practice became known as “keyword stuffing” and really began to annoy web users who were searching for actual information.

Instead of finding useful websites, they were sent by the search engines to sites that reflected the words they were inputting into their browsers. Once the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo got wise to the practice, companies that employed keyword stuffing techniques were penalized. Customers were no longer directed to pages with lots of keywords that didn’t also provide useful information and answer users’ questions.

More or Less Now Matters

Web content writers began to work harder to meet the needs of their readers and to follow SEO rules to please the new search engine algorithms that were set to blacklist heavily stacked keyword blogs and web pages. Writers also followed the simple rule of one-percent keyword usage in copy that was no longer than 500 words in an effort to meet the needs of the much-touted short-attention-span web reader.

And while the average website reader is definitely known to leave a page within 15 seconds if there isn’t any useful content readily available, the SEO directive now is becoming even more demanding. It no longer is good enough that you have clear, concise, useful information on your site. You now need to provide a lot of it.

Search engine optimization programs are rewarding content that keeps readers on a page to read longer, more in-depth information. Microsoft researchers reported in summer 2014 that Google’s top ten landing pages each gave readers more than 2,000 words.

Quality Still Matters

So to make the top rankings of the big search engines, you need a low keyword count that’s no more than one or two-percent saturation with much longer word-counts. And you still must provide rich, quality content.
Your words must express a message consumers can use in language that urges readers to continue reading to the end. Long, quality content on your blogs, landing spots and website pages will be rewarded with higher rankings for the foreseeable future – until the paradigm shifts again, which it invariably will. Copy is still king, but now it’s also taking the role of jack and queen too.

Turnover Will Show

Taking the time to create rich, readable copy will pay off as readers turn into paying customers and tell their friends about you too. Industry analyses show that of 327 selected blog posts, those with 1,500 words or more got a 22.6 percent bump in “likes” on Facebook over shorter pieces and 68.1 more Twitter posts than articles with fewer words.

Your longer articles are more valuable to consumers who have become desensitized to the marketing ploys of web content marketing writers. Additionally, your longer pages stand a much better chance of being found when consumers enter longer searches. The average search has gone from two or three words to “long tails” of eight words and more.

Follow the Long Tail

It’s easier and more helpful to consumers searching for answers, products, services and information to find their questions answered exactly as they pose them. So to be the lucky website that gets first billing to provide those answers, concentrate on your content.

Fill your pages with useful copy that includes long keyword phrases in thoroughly engaging, understandable language and you will see an increase in hits that will turn into an increase in your profits.

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