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Shop Fix Academy and Leads Near Me announces preferred vendor partnership

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ATLANTA, GA.  (NOVEMBER 1, 2022): Shop Fix Academy and Leads Near Me – two innovative businesses based in the south – have recently formed a partnership naming each other as the “preferred vendor” in their respective industries.

Shop Fix Academy is headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., and is known for helping its members skyrocket their profits and grow into great leaders, has paired with Atlanta’s Leads Near Me. The latter is a digital advertising agency specializing in auto repair and has built a reputation for increasing shop car count and caring for clients.

“Your shop will grow dramatically by working with Leads Near Me and Shop Fix Academy,” said Ryan Burton, founder and CEO of Leads Near Me. “They (Shop Fix) offer best in class coaching paired with our marketers that know how to increase your car count. It’s a lethal combination. We know because we’ve already done this hundreds of times.”

Aaron Stokes, founder, and CEO of Shop Fix Academy said doing business with Leads Near Me was inevitable.

“When I met Ryan, I asked if his company could handle taking on many shops and providing great service and results. He has honored that commitment to this day,” Stokes said. “We are recommending that Shop Fix members use Leads Near Me for their digital marketing solutions. We will be working together in the future to make this an even more powerful relationship.”

The two companies have several projects in development and will work to make each one beneficial. Burton said that includes ensuring everything from their software, reporting, the sales tracker, and results are in sync and useful to their clients.

Stokes said the overall goal is quite simple: fix the owner, fix the shop.

“We want to help as many shop owners realize their dreams and success beyond their wildest imaginations while helping communities,” Stokes said. “Marketing is a big part of that. Shop Fix Academy will fix your shop; Leads Near Me will blow up car count.”

About Leads Near Me:

Leads Near Me has become known for its ability to effortlessly increase car count . They are experts at Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Local SEO. They also build websites for corporations and small businesses and everything in between. Leads Near Me combines many years of experience, proprietary Google Ads software and a thirst for getting better every day to blow up your phones. With shops in 44 states and Canada, Leads Near Me is uniquely qualified to help you dramatically grow revenue.

About Shop Fix:

Shop Fix Academy was founded by Aaron Stokes in 2016 after several other shop owners found themselves dissatisfied with other coaching programs. Because these businesses had watched Stokes use his unique talents and techniques to grow, they encouraged him to start his own training and coaching program. When Stokes started Shop Fix Academy, he didn’t want it to be like the other coaching companies that charged a fortune but delivered weak content and little value. That’s why Shop Fix Academy goes deeper, offers more content, and provides more value than anyone else. They are looking to change, and to a large extent already have, the independent automotive industry from the owners down.

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